Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Ace of Wands - Work Vs Drudgery

 I'm in the thick of what I call my painting project adventure. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed, that I'm about to go doolally thinking about what this involves, but my approach is, one painting at a time, one brush stroke at a time. It is the the same outlook I have about life. It's an adventure, one day at a time. It's not all fun and games til someone gets their eye poked out. It's about fun, discipline, work, balance and living life to the fullest. the good, bad and the ugly.

So, drawing the Ace of Wands embodied in the mythic figure of Zeus, is certainly an affirming card for me today. It speaks of having abounding energy for a new project, enterprise or course of study. I certainly can use all the creative energy I can get right now!

I often hear it said, when you have a job that you love you, you'll never work again. Well I don't agree with that statement. There is work, then there is drudgery. Whatever your vocation or chosen career,  I believe it is vital to one's happiness and health, that you have a passion for your work or at least feel it gives you a rewarding kind of satisfaction, and is not drudgery. But doing what you love does not mean it is not work. There are always going to be days when you'd rather being doing something else, or nothing at all, regardless if you are very happy with what your work is.

Even having the worst jobs in the world, you can always find something positive about it I think, but who wants to be spending all their energy doing work you don't love or enjoy or you can't stand. I've had a few jobs that were pretty rotten, like repairing stinky, maggot filled milk stainless steel tanks. We've all had a crappy job, because we have to work to sustain ourselves one way or another. These jobs always build character and you learn what you're made of. They also make a person very appreciative and grateful when you do find employment that not only suits you, but is very meaningful in some way, especially if it is a vocation.

Work should not be your life nor should life be about work. I have heard it said, that workaholic-ism is worse than alcoholism because you are never home at all. If you are sloshed at home, well you are home, and maybe not sloshed all the time. I know that might sound crazy. It sure as heck is not the ideal home life and both of these behaviours are extreme. I speak from personal experience.
Having a good balance between life and work, makes all the difference to your well being.

My work is my art that I create. As an artist, creativity is my lifestyle, the way of thinking that gives me a sense of freedom and purpose. Being creative is really what makes me happy. If I choose not to create art, I still don't have to be an artist to be creative, because it is a way of thinking, a lifestyle and as the Ace of Wands represents, a force of nature.


Ellen said...

I always loved being a teacher but I dreaded the stacks of notebooks I had to check and tests to grade.
I wish you lots of inspiration for creating you unborn pieces of art! :D

Unknown said...

Next to motherhood, I so believe being a teacher is the hardest and noblest job in the world, if you are good at it. I had no idea you are a teacher Ellen. Wonderful, and I am certain you are a good one!!! I loved teaching too, but not in the North American public school system. It is more interested in reducing everyone down to the lowest denominator, mainstreaming and making kids into consumers. This is the way it is in North America, and now there are so many police within schools in the States. It is so sad. So much is expected of teachers and next to impossible for the good ones to survive. I think in Europe the educational system fits into a more creative paradigm and creativity is considered one of the essential basics. Here, it all math, high tech and oriented around the "market" and the economy. Like I said, making consumers and making money,even in the higher education. Universities always trying to do everything and anything to attract students to stay afloat. Tuition fees are through the roof here and so much student debt.

I'm jumping off my soap box now!

Every job has it's drudgery moments I think. But with making art if it gets to that point, best thing to do is to take a break!

Thank you Ellen, things are coming along with by art creations! Lots to do!

Ellen said...

Sorry bad English. I was a teacher and I did love it a lot. :D
Here the school aren't what they used to be too.

Unknown said...

I know you said 'was' a teacher Ellen. I referred to you as a you being a teacher now. I don't think you really stop being a teacher directly just because it isn't your 'job'. Teachers are born with a teacher's heart, and I believe you my dear friend have one. You have much wisdom and insight to impart to others.
I can have all the education in the world and I can get that. But if you are not born with the passion to be a teacher, you can't get that. You either have it or don't and you do!

Ellen said...

This is such a lovely and sweet compliment. Thank you so much for this. It means a lot to me!
Big Hug

Unknown said...

You're most welcome Ellen.<3