Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Six of Swords - Open Up - Letting Go - Acceptance

The Six of Swords portrays Orestes, who is determined in reaching his goal. He's impervious to the fact that the waters below are turbulent and rough, with storm clouds on the horizon, making for a difficult passage to his destination.

He stands strong and steadfast upright in his vessel. Of course we all know how dangerous is can be to stand in a boat. I've learned that lesson the last time, while in Newfoundland, as a young student art teacher. I had one foot on a wharf and one foot in the dory. What was I thinking.  Either my art supplies were going in, or I was. I didn't kiss the cod but definitely got a Newfoundland baptism of sorts, as I clung to the slimey wharf in my gumboots, waiting for someone to fetch me out, but the art supplies were dry!

Regardless of the danger Orestes defies the odds. He almost seems to tempt fate with his calm and serene composure. His eyes are fixed, his thought and focus is completely on the island before him, where he knows there are even more challenges that lie ahead, but he is resolute to meet them full on. He appears fearless and bold. Orestes has learned that acceptance of his past, present, and future is what gives real peace of mind and serenity.

The clarity of thought that comes when an individual makes up their mind to seize the day and set their sights on achieving the goal is quiet amazing, when you see the accomplishments made. In spite of the challenges and difficulties that can become obstacles, the determined individual overcomes these, with the right kind of attitude.

This attitude is one of being positive, having the right stuff to endure with resilience and flexibility.
It makes me think of what a wise man once said about embracing our difficulties, struggles and challenges instead of resisting ,and dragging them around. It is when we accept and let go with trust and faith, that our burdens are lessened, and our load is much lighter. We then find an inner strength, resolution, and determination, not in spite of, but because of these challenges, we overcome when we let go. Having a tranquil mind can give us insight and understanding, allowing us to move into the future.

You must open up like a flower to this divine force, loosen your hold on earth, its cares, its worries. “ - Look To This Day, Twenty-Four Hours a Day for Everyone

Wild Flowers - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

This version is so much more empowering than it's RW counterpart!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ellen. The cards all have there negative and positive aspect, it's why I don't do reversed meanings. Standing up in a dory or small boat I don't recommend or sailing in stormy weather!