Sunday, October 22, 2017

Seven of Wands - Faith - Trust - Perseverance

Seven of Wands depicts a chaotic struggle. And it is, however order often comes out of chaos. It's been my experience that when surrender my ego to regularly working hard at applying my faith, perseverance, and prayer to my life, doesn't necessarily mean my chaos disappears, but I know I'm much more apt to be able to not simply cope. I begin to move past whatever my struggles are. I grow beyond a survival mode and excel into a thriving mode.

Mostly what I've struggled with in the past and even in my present day to day circumstances is not the struggle I'm having with "The Man" as the 60s adage goes, but it's the fight I'm having more often than not, with myself and my ego.


Ellen said...

"I grow beyond a survival mode and excel into a thriving mode." Beautiful Catherine!!

thesycamoretree said...

Life is always in flux. If I continue to believe I can climb one mountain and be done, I'm going to be disappointed. It would make more sense to continue to train to be a better mountain climber. Great post, Catherine!

Unknown said...

Yup Bev you sure are right about that. Always another mountain to climb, but like you say it's all in the training! Thank you <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen <3

I love that word thrive! To me that's what life's all about. Mind you nothing easy about it, and I know there are so many just fighting for survival and can never been minimized.