Saturday, October 7, 2017

Page of Cups - Good News!

This is the second Page I've drawn in two days. Messages of encouragement, clarity and transformation are very welcomed for sure!

Sometimes it's difficult to be hopeful, sensitive, helpful and loyal when we're struggling and can result in tunnel vision or we become myopic, seeing our problems only and focusing solely on ourselves. We might even feel after a loss, or a painful life experience that we've nothing to give anyone. It's been my experience that there's nothing more helpful to me, than reaching out to those who are also struggling.

Help can come in so many forms, and the smallest of kindnesses should never be minimized, as it can mean all the difference to someone else, bringing them happiness, perhaps save a life, that might even be our own.

There's a powerful and beautiful synchronicity that happens when we're in this situation, reaching out to others in difficulty, in that we help ourselves in the process, by giving to another in whatever way possible. When we pay it forward this generosity is hopefully passed on to another, who will in turn, pay it forward.

Moving away from self-preoccupation, to having an awareness of others, is a self-sacrifice that can creatively transform our lives, and that's the good news!

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