Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ace of Pentacles - Water On It's Way!

I was happy to see the Ace of Pentacles earlier today that I drew from my deck. It felt like is was a hopeful affirmation to me because my water woes were and are not over yet.

Poseidon being the God of the seas and the one who sustains all of the water ways and the earth itself. The Ace of Pentacles represents the earth and the material plane. Here we the symbolism of potential, manifestation and prosperity.

Although Poseidon might look like a merman, he is definitely not. He was able to live in the water, but also lived very easily on the earth and actually craved land, which caused him to be in conflict with the other gods, as he was always appropriating islands and pieces of the mainland of Greece. Poseidon was a bit of a land hog.

So after having drawn this card I found my water back to full pressure again, after not having water for another day and I'd left the house the other night only to return to hearing a running pump. The stopper on the toilet tank was dislodged and therefore was draining what water was being pumped, once again, hardly present from my spring.

I'm so grateful to live along side of a river, because I am able to access water.
And I am well aware that in spite of getting water pressure back again, it is still low because we've just not had near enough rain, but I am very hopeful the rain will come again before the Winter.
If the Ace of Pentacles is any indication, well there's water on it's way! Weatherman is calling for rain!

Cape Chignecto - Oil Pastel on Canvas - Catherine Meyers

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