Friday, July 22, 2016

King of Swords - Primed For Action

Like the King of Swords, I certainly was  primed for action today, to fight the great Burdock Beasts again, this time in my front garden. They are now gone! Unlike the King, I am not exactly an authority, particularly when it comes to burdock, but I was determined in my attack strategy to rid my garden of this invading interloper. I dug out the roots and got them by the kahunas! I may not of succeeded in completely conquering them as there are others around that I can't get at, who will not doubt spread their seed, but these ones will not return! I know burdock do have great medicinal qualities, but I couldn't care less, because they have become my nemesis this week!

 I replaced them with transplanted sunflowers, nasturtiums and some wildflowers. Come Fall I will plant Foxglove, bulbs, and transplant a few perennials from my larger garden that is burdock free.
It's very hard work fighting the Burdock Beast, but so worthwhile to have my flower garden back again!

The King of Swords exists within us all, embodied in the mythic figure of the hero Odysseus. He fought terrifying sea-monsters and escaped the call of the sea Sirens who sang men to their deaths. He was driven by determination, foresight, cleverness, with the most impressive strategic skills of the human mind.

However the character defects found in the King of Swords is his lack of empathy for others and the  disassociation from his feeling. Paradoxically this is an individual of high principle in spite of his lack of empathy for others and is a contradiction of terms.
We may not be authorities but with determination, clear thinking, and by using our intellect we can find strategies to overcome our inner monsters.

The Burdock Beast

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