Thursday, July 14, 2016

Strength - Learning to Dance in the Rain

When I woke this morning I was draggin' my sorry wilted butt at 5:30 am after a very humid, mostly sleepless night. I was relieved to find out I didn't have to work, and maybe would be able to catch a much needed nap this afternoon. I am normally an early riser, but was up way too early this morning, and greatly lacking sleep.

 That old familiar feeling of lacking sleep brought me back to when I once was working 12 hours shifts, traveling four hours a day pretty much living in my vehicle. Or when I had to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning to get a lift with a neighbour at 5:30 a.m. so I could get to University in Sackville New Brunswick. I had to hitch hike for what seemed like an eternity and after having a few emotional meltdowns along the side of the road, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and despairing, until the day it finally came when graduated at the age of 59, four years ago.

 All the crap I went through, looking back, was all worth the struggle because it made my accomplishments so much sweeter and I felt proud  I'd actually overcome those 'bad times'. Everything was put into clear perspective.

I drew the Strength card today, and then I saw this photo a friend posted. I thought it went right along with this Major Arcana card.

This photo reminded me to be grateful for the good, and the bad times. Most importantly, I'm reminded to have a sense of humour and play, which always helps to keep a lid on that inner  wild animal that the Strength card embodies, in the image of the ferocious and monstrous Nemean Lion.

I know it's an understatement to say, some times it's really a challenge to find the silver lining behind the dark clouds. Nonetheless, there will always be good and bad days. Once I learned to accept that, many if not most of my bad days became good days, in spite of, or even because of my perception of those bad days at the time.

I stopped wishing life was different or that I was someone, somewhere or something else. I learned to embrace life on life's terms and I really did learn to dance in the rain, instead of waiting for the storm to pass. It's good to be alive!


Ellen said...

Wonderful post and I wholeheartedly agree!
The quote is one of my favorite quotes!
Most of the time if we give up the struggle (control) and let life be, it will turn out fine in the end
Sleep well

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. It's the first time I've seen this quote! Do you know who said it Ellen?

Yes that's so so true. It makes me think of poor Smeigal in Lord of The Rings. Don't wants to let go of our Precious'!Lol