Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Seven of Swords - The Road Less Traveled

This dude carrying his seven swords, walks his own path, which has been a rough and rocky road. The road hasn't always been this way, living by his wits and paying a price for the choices made. This individual has benefited from many choices, he is street wise, and has applied his mental energy in a rather amoral way, and no doubt for a variety of reasons, that many are unaware of and don't fully understand. He may not even understand himself.

Like the Seven of Swords there are things we do that may cause us to feel our character is has been compromised. On the surface this cards encourages us to be tactful, diplomatic, and intelligent in our communications with others which will enable us to better cope with life, to survive and to thrive.

We may not agree with another individual's life style or the decisions they make. It is often easier to sit on the sidelines in judgement of another. Until we walk their path, and look beneath the surface, only then can we really understand. It is important to be more than just tolerant, but hopefully having more compassion toward another who we may not like, respect or love will help us understand them, ourselves, and to have gratitude.


Ellen said...

I think the Seven of Swords is often about the Lone Wolf who gains in strength by living a solitary life. Taking what he needs and being selfish now and then and learning how to survive in a dangerous world.
I like it when people are have the courage to be authentic and are not like sheep in the herd
Great post!

Unknown said...

Oh you express that so well Ellen. What a great perspective! Thanks so much for your comments! <3