Monday, September 7, 2015

Queen of Pentacles - The Happiness of Pursuit

This generous and gracious Queen of Pentacles is a great lover of the finer things in life and loves nothing more than  to share them. Not necessarily monetary possessions but the love and attachment to her environment and to the natural world around her.. This is kind of appreciation is the foundation of what is what is essential to her own personal happiness, much more so than physical things. It enables her deep spiritual connection that transcends, and transforms her into a better person of depth and character that is defined by who she is, not by what she possesses, or her status is society.

When I see the Queen of Pentacles today, I immediately think about how we can all get caught up in material possessions and acquiring things that we think will make us happy. We worry about how we are going to manage to either get ahead financially, while going deeper and deeper into debt, living in a culture where many of us live credit rich, and cash poor.

I think the Queen of Pentacles urges us to involve ourselves more in the happiness that comes from the happiness of the pursuit, instead of the pursuit of happiness.

" It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit. "
                                       - Denis Waitley


Ellen said...

For me the pursuit of the things I want often bring me more excitement than actual owning them. First I think I cannot live without it; get totally obsessed with it and than it ends up in my drawer to be forgotten. If i could only remember not to push the buy button......:D
Real Happiness is already within ourselves. We don't have to pursuit we only have to allow it :D

Unknown said...

For me Ellen it's the endorphin rush or maybe the adrenaline rush I get from buying. This has died down over the years, as I became painfully aware of form my past mistakes, not being able to afford my purchases, and getting myself in a financial crisis. Not having the money to buy and buy is a good reality check. The pursuit of things to bring us happiness is the lie we buy