Monday, April 3, 2017

Page of Wands - The Creative Messenger

I see the Page of Wands as a being very much the creative messenger, reminding us to be nurturing and gentle with ourselves in order to discover, nurture and take care of, and believe in our creative gifts.

Pages is always indicative of messages and this Page of Wands embodies the mythic image of Phrixus sensitive, caring and a youthful innocent. Due to this innocence and sensitivity there exists a susceptibility to outside influences, both positive and negative.

This Page reminds us to be take our creativity seriously, to be our own advocate, our biggest champion and that we need to believe in ourselves and our abilities with enthusiasm. We need and to be open to discover our great creative gift, our true value that was also given to Phrixus from Zeus.

Often many of us grow up in families and environments where these basic values and beliefs are not instilled, which makes it difficult, but not impossible to bring and actualize into our adult life. However having mentors and extended family can help immeasurably and can make all the difference.

There is no need to stay in a state of not knowing our creative self-discoveries and capacities that reflect the powerful possibilities of our creative imagination.


Ellen said...

I always love to see this card come up. Especially when I am in a creative lull. It is a promise that this too will pass :)

Unknown said...

Me too Ellen! That's me right now in a creative funk! I'm not really in a lull as I write every day and that certainly is creative, but I'm not painting, and my inner critic is nagging at me! It's been a long hard Winter and this year I feel like the stuffing was plucked out of me. I'm finally starting to come out of the fog!

I went outdoors this morning and took a picture of a pair of Canada geese that always float about in the same spot when they come. All the Spring bird songs were sure uplifting and lightened my heart! A beautiful Spring day here and I'm going for a long walk this afternoon to get those Winter cob webs out of my mind!