Saturday, July 30, 2016

Death - "Luke I Am Your Father"

Death is the counterpart of life. It's certainly just as important as life, if not more so. A life well lived helps us to we learn how to die. Life and death are not in opposition but walk closely in relationship, hand in hand transforming one another if we are open to understanding and accept this powerful relationship.

This Major Arcana card is not about physical death. It represents transformation and rebirth. We are all transforming in different ways, at varying times of our life.

Here we see Hades. Interestingly he is the brother of Zeus, who rescued Hades from certain death and also gave him the kingdom of the Underworld. Hades or Pluto the name he was also called, means 'riches', because his realm was full of hidden riches. He was the one responsible for kidnapping Persephone, Demeter's daughter.

I always have a bit of a giggle when I look at this card because the the helmet makes the dude look like Darth Vader from Star Wars, and of course then I hear, "Luke, I am Your Father".
This helmet that Hades in wearing made him invisible and no mortal could see him.

The Death card doesn't symbolize a 'bad' ending. It represents the in-between state,where we face the reality of loss, before the beginning of a new sense of growth and transformation.

Hades presides over endings and new beginnings. The ending is just as important as the beginning and must be recognized and felt. Death is our invisible companion throughout our life, and this card is symbolic of an opportunity for a new life, if we can let go of the old one.

Woman With The Golden Hair


Ellen said...

I love how he is offered a white flower by the little girl. Innocence is fearless

Unknown said...

Great point Ellen. Having an innocent childlike trust in change and being unafraid of expressing grief that helps us process morning. Children eh? Our great teachers.