Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two of Swords - The Supernatural Mind

I haven't a supernatural mind, although in the past I've deluded myself into thinking I could be a superwoman. But that sure didn't work out right.

I thought Supernatural Mind would be a good title for my post after drawing the Two of Swords. This card was not menacing or threatening like some in the suit of Swords I have drawn over the past two days.

Here we see Orestes in between his mother, Queen Clytemnestra (now there's a handle) and his father, King Agamemnon, another wild one.This pair are more than troublesome on so many levels. Both are murderers and have their own selfish agenda reflecting their destructive, grandiose egos. Orestes does not want to listen, or engage with either of them, though he does need to make a decision to act which is indicated in the Two of Swords, in order to find some kind of peace and serenity within this horrendous storm. This may mean walking away, finding a healthy balance between his mind and his heart, or between reason and faith.

These two symbolic Greek figures cause me to reflect on the balance between the mind (reason) and the supernatural (faith). Agamemnon's downfall was to put his ego and pride before anything, which eventually resulted in his death at the hands of Artemis, the best Huntress and by his own vengeful wife, Clytemnestra, who wants revenge on her husband for sacrificing their daughter.

Reason and faith may seem diametrically opposed, but they are not. They work best in conjunction with one another, and balanced. I cannot solely rely on my own reason,or  mind to provide all the answers to my questions. I also need to hold my ego in check and remember to practice humility.

I've learned that I cannot blindly follow any doctrine without question, but at some point I needed and continue to need faith and trust in a power greater than myself, were reason can no longer provide explanation. I need to trust and have confidence in myself as well.

The path of least resistance is not always the best way to make a decision in order to avoid the fall out, or to keep the status quo, as there are going to be repercussions regardless. It is better to fish or cut bait.


thesycamoretree said...

Poor Orestes, I feel for him being caught between a rock and a hard place.
You make an excellent point about using your mind/logic. If I am truthful with myself, I'll realize I don't know everything. So there are some things I have to just trust in the mystery.

Unknown said...

Oh ya Bev! Wow who would want parents like those two? Hell you'd be dead in the water before you even got your toe in!
I always think of that old adage about a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
My mum used to say there are a lot of educated fools around.

Ellen said...

As always, it is all a matter of finding balance....
"I cannot blindly follow any doctrine without question,"Honestly sometimes I wish I could and be happy with it. But no, I could never do this because then I would have to stop thinking for myself.

Unknown said...

We may be sheep, but not stupid. The Creator gave us free will to use the brains that was also given to us. Many people this is why they blindly follow they think it is somehow easier but the price they pay is thinking for themselves, like automatons. Oh to be a Stepford wife eh? Did you ever see this movie?

Ellen said...

ha ha yes I did!!!