Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nine of Pentacles - Brag-Gratitude-Desire - Sisterhood

Known as the "Wish Card", the Nine of Pentacles is an example of how life is full of synchronicity.
Reflecting on the meaning of this card I am thinking about this past weekend, at the special ocean view retreat, where I reunited once again with my beautiful, spirited, talented and loving 'soul sisters.'

I told some of the women I would be posting about our wonderful weekend on my blog, and amazingly I noticed today I had drawn the Nine of Pentacles in July 2014 after we had our women's weekend last year, and so it made sense that I once again drew the same card today.

Our celebratory women's weekend was perfect timing, the full Blue Moon, the long weekend, a couple of Birthdays to celebrate, a beautiful concert at a winery, where we listened live Latin music, delicious food, 'free range swimming' and glorious weather. We couldn't have wished or desired for anything better.

It was hard to leave our special retreat by the sea, but each woman took with them that deep bond of sisterhood, we have long celebrated for over 29 plus years now.

This "Wish Card" I see as a desire card. It's about thriving, self-value, wisdom, knowledge, talent and the gift of being a woman. It is what Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) talks about.

" A desire is the interface between you and that which is greater than you. "

Three practices the foster and nurture this desire are:

1. Brag
2. Gratitude
3. Desire

  • Brag is not to be boastful, but truing up to what is and acknowledging what you created.
  • Gratitude is being grateful and this is what brings happiness.
  • Desire is what gives connection to the Divine, the goddess within and it is what grounds us to the inspirational qualities that we possess as women.
Here is my brag. I brag that I have created an independent life for myself, and pursued my artistic goals.

I am so grateful for the family, and my soul sisters that have endlessly supported me, and continue to help me be the person I am.

My desire is to continue to live a deeply creative life, and that we have another 29 years  of our women's weekends!.

What is your brag, gratitude and desire?


Ellen said...

Brag. I have emerged form a deep depression and built new life for myself
Gratitude. I am grateful fro my daughters who are such amazing women
Desire. To live a happy and creative life in a place of my own.
Thanks for making me aware of this on a early fryday morning ±'

Unknown said...

Beautifully said, by a beautiful strong soul!