Thursday, March 19, 2015

Five of Wands - Don't Worry Even Monsters Have a Soft Underbelly

Struggling with, and fighting our dragons, demons or monsters, whatever you want to call them, is what the Five of Wands is about. Some are of these critters are bigger, badder, and meaner than others. They all call for certain skills, weapons, and the means to overcome them, if not completely defeat and eliminate them. Then, there are others that will go away for a time, giving you a reprieve, only to return in the future, maybe bigger, badder and meaner than ever. These can be the most troubling and stressful. They are like the thing that came to dinner, and wouldn't leave.

Being prepared is the best defense. We might even create our own monsters. In this case, prevention is worth a pound of cure. Many of us can be our own worst enemy. So finding a way to avoid that by addressing a particular personal problem, perhaps in the form of a network or support group, can make all the difference to our happiness and peace of mind. Sharing a problem with another, can help lessen your load. We can't always solve our problems on our own.

These are not easy circumstances to deal with, but all part of the journey of life. We sure don't need being placated to, with maudlin platitudes. Solutions, and resolutions are certainly needed, but sometimes what we really want and need is a lend of an ear, someone we trust, who can sit and listen. When we talk to another person, it can help create some kind of order to our world, and often we can find an answer to problems, having talked it out. Reaching out to ask for help is the hardest part for many of us.

The three things that have helped me with my struggles and my monsters.

1. Having a sense of humour, is always therapeutic.
2. I'm human, and so is everybody else, not super human, as much as we might try.
3. Drop the false pride, because humility isn't humiliation.

Don't worry, even monsters have a soft underbelly.

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