Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ten of Wands - Oppression, Suppression, Repression

Here we see Jason surrounded by burning wands looking very despondent. I ask myself why doesn't he just bust himself out of that inferno, how did he get in there, and who put him in that position?

The way I see it is there could be three answers to this question. 1. Someone who's taken him hostage wanting to do him harm. 2. Someone who's punishing him for something he's done or perhaps not done. 3. He's unknowingly placed himself in there.

All these answers relate to how people can be oppressedsuppressed and finally how we can suppress our thoughts and feelings so much and for so long, that our feelings reach the level of repression and we are left unaware that we've crossed that line. We're completely out of touch with our feelings and are unaware that this has happened.

It's been said many times if you don't deal with your emotions they will deal with you and come out side ways. I know through my own personal experience to be so true, as a recovering person for many years.

If we are being oppressed and feeling over burdened, we have to find a way to change this, whether we're doing this to ourselves or someone else is doing this to us. If we are constantly stuffing and suppressing our feelings, after this eventually leads to repression, which is very unhealthy and can lead to serious mental health issues.

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