Sunday, March 18, 2018



I've longingly dreamt of having a horse drawn Vardo Wagon to do my Tarot Readings, traveling the countryside. I'm not a world wanderer or even a traveler these days, rather I'm someone who's more of an inner world traveler now.

Realistically obtaining a Vardo is not something that's likely going to materialize. So I've come up with the next best thing. It's a Shamiana which means tent in Hindi, a very popular Indian ceremonial shelter used for outdoors parties, weddings and a variety of events. The side walls are removable with multicoloured external fabric, with exquisite textile designs. The four corners are supported with wooden poles.

Today I did a lot of on line searching and am pretty excited about getting a 12'x10' Shamiana that I've found at a very affordable price. It's second hand, but in new condition. So here's hoping I'll get it, and I'll be able to set up a Tarot reading shop in my Shamiana this Summer!

The history of Shamiana dates back to 1526 with the ancient Mughal Empire and era.

The Empress in The Red Tent
 I won't be exactly The Empress in The Red Tent but it'll be close enough for me!


Ellen said...

I would love to meet you in your in your shamania and talk tarot and drink tea with you

Unknown said...

Oh boy wouldn't that be lovely Ellen! <3 Big Hug!