Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Magician - Super Blue Blood Moon

I came out of the house last night around 6 o'clock and this is what I saw and it's what made me exclaim out loud, OH MY GOD WOW!
I've always been in love with the moon and I don't ever remember seeing it so large and so brilliantly red orange in colour. It was spectacular and sure stopped me in my tracks. It certainly was a rarity, as the Super- Blue-Blood Moon hasn't been seen in 35 years. Every one throughout the world seemed to be full of excited energy over this remarkable event.

Dubbed the rare 'lunar trifecta' it leaves one feeling like some very magical metaphysical even spiritually powerful event is happening. If not magic, it is definitely an awesome mystery. 
Unfortunately here is Nova Scotia we couldn't see the Lunar Moon Eclipse but my friend who lives in California saw it and was able to get photographs which I've posted below.

Not a magical Major Arcana card, the Magician nonetheless is wonderful, representing the powerful mercurial energy. It reminds us of how the four elements are all available to all of us, as the tools we need to guide our way on our path in life.

The elements of earth, fire, water and air, representing the mind, the imagination, the heart and the body, were all mastered by Hermes the Magician, and he is the inner guide, the spiritual teacher and protector of the Fool offering guidance and wisdom.

 Hermes is the son of Zeus, King of the gods and his mother (Gaia) Maia (Earth Mother) the mysterious nymph and is also known as Mother Night.

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