Wednesday, January 24, 2018

King of Cups - "Light at the Edge of the World"

 The King of Cups, (Orpheus) represents the authority that calms turbulent waters through creativity, compassion and empathy of the healing doctor, counsellor and priest.
This King  is one of my favourite  of the court cards because of what the King of Cups represents. I would say he embodies the very best of qualities and personality characteristics a human being can ever possess and exhibit.

The ideal of perfection and wisdom in another for me, comes the closest, when I think of the Canadian anthropologist, Dr.Wade Davis. Every time I hear him speak about the human condition, and how anthropology can provide healing answers to so many of the world's problems, I can't help but wish there were more people like him particularly in positions of political power.

If there were only more of us who comprehended the importance of learning from, accepting and appreciating cultures, what a better world it would be, knowing and understanding that race is a fabricated myth, perpetuated mostly by those concerned more with power and control.

Dr. Wade Davis is a modern day King of Cups in so many ways and poignantly articulates so insight-fully, how human beings are more alike than different, in that we all greatly share and originate from the same genus.

The King of Cups represents the authority that calms turbulent waters through creativity and compassion of the healing doctor and counsellor.

I posted a highlighted link below, to a recent talk Dr. Wade Davis gave on Ideas.

Dr. Wade Davis

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