Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Seven of Cups - Flights of Fancy and Castle in the Air

I'm an imaginative person I know that, as a creative. I love stories of emotion, imagination, fantasy and myth that teach life lessons.

The card of the Seven of Cups indicates the combination of faith, emotion, illusion, fantasy and imagination, all qualities that are useful to artists and all human beings. However if we can't balance these with reality, that's when it can become problematic, leading us to deluding ourselves with pipe dreams and good intentions that somehow don't materialize or come to fruition perhaps, we loose our way, running from reality and life, causing a complexity of confusion.

There was a time that I ran from reality through the use and abuse of alcohol, that I became addicted to, and left me unable to distinguish reality from fantasy by times. I thank the God of my understanding I no longer need to live my life this way, and have 24 years of contented sobriety, one day at a time, which was something that did not came easy. It was rather like the tasks presented to Psyche by Aphrodite. Psyche had to work hard at facing the challenge of choosing and acting in realistic terms to make those potentials manifest.

I'm so very grateful I have chosen to live an uncomplicated life, grounded in reality. I get great satisfaction from the simple pleasures from a life of balance, paying attention to what makes me feel openhearted and alive, celebrating and connecting with quality of life, not in quantity, every day in a Hygge kind of way.

Today I celebrated by enjoying my fresh ground French Dark coffee beans for breakfast, some home made whole wheat buns and an Italian Frittata for supper. Perfection!

 My very Hygge cat Rusty is impressed!

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