Saturday, December 30, 2017

Queen of Wands - Forever Young

Vibrancy and exuberance are the words that best describe this Queen of Wands (Penelope). She is forever young, because of these qualities, regardless of her age.

I asked the question this morning, what 2018 held for me as I approach a milestone age of 65 years. Reaching this age was once considered old, but no longer, in light of what you hear about 60 being the new 40 etc. Nonetheless varying attitudes about age is a relative thing, often are very superficial and can still promote ageism, as we live in a youth oriented culture that seems to by times, have lost it's soul.

I've never been one to pay much attention to age, accept when I was a young girl. I longed to "grow up" in the physical sense, to be what I thought was that magical age of 20, for reasons that made no sense, and were purely superficial. Now I ask myself, what does it mean to be approaching 65? It's a good feeling because I'm comfortable in my own skin, and I've accomplished much, and I still feel young.

Having a mother who set the example for me, as she knew how to age so gracefully, I never thought of her as being "old" as she was very much like the Queen of Wands.

And so I have long aspired to live by this example, and intend to strive to exhibit the same characteristics of this Queen, with an eternal youthful spirit. I will continue on the path of the Heroine's Journey

I found this article today, that I think adequately describes the defining stages of aging, and generally reflects our changing perceptions regarding age.


thesycamoretree said...

I love that new criterion for human age groups! Though my body is definitely looking and feeling older, I consider it just a natural part of life. But, my attitude about such changes can make a huge difference in whether I give up and sit in a rocking chair or continue to live life to the fullest. :)

Unknown said...

Me too Bev! I'm feeling younger by the minute...(almost) ;) With the exception of my old bones, which I try to take care of. I embrace my wrinkly, saggy and baggy bits. Once you get to a certain age, if it's not growing on you it's growing in you! I'm rather becoming like a rare plant I think, but mostly like the Butterfly/Mariposa Woman. I just cross my legs and hope to fly!

I so agree, attitude is everything. Like the Possum, George Jones, no rockin' chairs for us! That said, I have a number of rocking chairs big and small in my house. My family always had them and some have been passed down to me. I do enjoy a good rock from time to time! ;) Wishing you a rockin' New Year Bev XO