Thursday, December 28, 2017

Two of Swords - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

There are 85 days left before Spring, according to my Farmer's Almanac.

In spite of not being a fan of Winter, without it I know it just wouldn't be right if we had no the snow and the changing of seasons. It all makes so much sense to me, being all part of the cyclical nature of earth and the life cycle.

We all have our own favourite seasons. Spring is definitely mine. I admit I can hardly wait for the Winter Solstice, and for Christmas to come and go, because it brings Spring closer and closer with each passing day and increasing sunlight.

The duality, being of two minds, and opposing forces is what is presented in the Two of Swords. and the reflection of tension, where an unpleasant reality must be faced. Acceptance is the key to whatever situation I find myself in. It's necessary in order to enjoy and to move forward in life.

I can't spend my energy projecting into the future, or wishing things where different, and I have to make a choice in attitude. Oh I could easily spend energy, complaining about the weather, the cold, on and on etc., but I know I'll just feel worse not better about Winter.

If I don't take on life including Winter with a positive attitude I'm stuck in the problem.

The Two of Swords that I drew this morning reminds me of how I'm conflicted in my mind, but I choose to make the most of it and find some comforting creative ways to face the cold and avoid accumulating icicles on my butt.

The practice of Hygge helps me immeasurably, lifting my spirits, especially during the Christmas season and in the dead of Winter. But Hygge is good anytime, anywhere.

 Making a big mug of  hot chocolate with lots of marsh mellows in my very special, French Cafe, hot chocolate maker, or a lovely pot of loose Darjeeling tea in my traditional Brown Betty teapot, both of these special treasures I got for Christmas!

Time for a big bowl of slow-cooked, homemade turkey soup, and then some hot chocolate!