Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ten of Wands - Discernment Vs Hyper-vigilance

Jason looks to be contemplative, depressed and even bored by those burning wands surrounding him. Perhaps he's feeling upon his return from the big adventure, and having finally laid claim to the much coveted and sought after Golden Fleece, it's all a bit anticlimactic. His harrowing adventure is over, and he's asking himself what now?

Fact is though he's worn himself out. This mammoth undertaking has taken a toll on him in more ways than one, it's affected his friends and his great vessel the Argos, is no longer sea worthy and beyond repair.

We all have moments like this. After we've accomplished goals that have greatly challenged us to a point were perhaps we've wondered if we can overcome all these challenges and knowing we have more to face. There are moments of doubt. We might wonder if we've taken on too much, and sometimes we have. I know I've certainly had times like this, and it can be hard to admit that we need to stop what we're doing and take a different course of action; one that is healthier and results in us being happier.

Getting addicted to a state of hyper-vigilance is not healthy, and only brings a brief happiness, until we can find the next high.
We might feel if we can't have that adrenaline rush that comes from danger or taking on too much, we feel end up feeling bored and depressed.

But I don't think this is boredom. In actual fact, this is just life, and living in the moment where things go quiet, and there are rewards to be found in reflection, or simply to relaxation and taking time out, to get comfortable in our own skin. Go for a long walk outdoors in nature that heals the troubled soul. Listen to our heartbeat and that still quiet voice that can bring discernment.

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