Friday, September 16, 2016

Ace of Wands - Grandmother Moon

A card embodying the king of the gods, Zeus, the 'invisible creative power that generated the manifest universe'. It also represents our own creative power of our imagination. Symbolizing the beginning of a great journey into the world of vision and imagination.

This Harvest Moon that I call Grandmother Moon is a great time to tap into our imagination and creative, intuitive impulses, and embark on an adventure in pursuit of our own vision. It's a time of an emotional high tide. New things are always possible, and we can challenge and overcome what we perceive to be as concrete limitations, with faith and trust that life will never be the same again.

Grandmother Moon - Photo - Catherine Meyer 2016

This kind of challenging adventure might feel scary and risky. I believe any challenge worth while should feel a little scary, otherwise we will probably never get out of our comfort zone, and it probably isn't really a worthwhile pursuit.

Inspiration and creation with raw energy that abounds are all represented in the ace. Everything is springing to life in the Ace of Wands. Aces signify largesse and new beginnings.

The Last Timber Wolf - Colour Pencil - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

A perfect card to herald the beginning of Autumn. temperatures are dropping and it is so much more easy to be creative when it is not so hot.
Love you drawing!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. Yes I'm very glad to welcome the cooler weather. It's been so hot humid good portion of the Summer. Living close to the ocean it's not so bad.

I am grateful I didn't go without water like so many in South West Nova Scotia who's wells have gone completely dry, and farmer's fields are parched.

I have a gravity fed Spring, but we are in serious need of rain. Today and Monday we are supposed to get wet weather, so this will help some.

Enjoy the new coming season Ellen!