Sunday, September 4, 2016

Eight of Cups - Psyche's Road of Trials

Psyche, like Persephone has her own journey to take, that involves disappointment, escapism and ultimately change.

The Moon lights Psyche's way in spite of her not knowing what lies in wait, as she descends the steps into darkness, and is fearful that she may not return and might face imminent death.

She's been on a quest for love that involves healing a split. She's been under the illusion that she needs to over ride her feelings, her intuition, and the dreams that inform her of the truth of life. She does not have answers, but she knows she must have courage, a willingness to listen to her inner wisdom, and to the wisdom of the earth that begs for change.

Psyche does eventually return, a changed individual, after learning the task of discrimination, how to curb her generosity, to set boundaries, and to say no. She has found her way  on the road of trials and she is strengthened, healed and transformed, because she has endured. Her search for illusory love has been de-mythologized, resulting in her own autonomy, achievement and nurturance.  Eros and Psyche are no longer split and have been reunited within herself.

" If you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down the road to meet yourself, And you will say-YES
                                          - Marion Woodman

Lot's Wife

Somewhere up the road
in another voice
and another language
she waits for another time
and the washing of the feet
while I, salt tear woman-size,
stand solidified, Lot's wife,
looking back at my flaming city
valleys and mountains and plains
away. Stand turning,
millenial weight of years turning
to the distant waiting epochs
lives with no names
falling and tumbling
down rock encrusted hills
woman without end
her rhymings going with her
her rememberings,
her hard words, her soft cries, all our unheard
the ways I am hearing
the silenced sounds of women
beginning to break open
and be heard deep and wide.
Full turning, one step forward,
one more and yet another,
I move up the road
to her who I am
and am not yet.
                        Rhett Kelly


Ellen said...

This could have been written especially for me today. It really touches me on a soul level. I wish descending one time and then be healed and restored again like Psyche would be enough in real life too. But it feels like we have to make this journey over and over again and our healing is a life long process.

Ellen said...

forgot to check the notification box :)

Unknown said...

I glad that my post has touched you Ellen. We are never completely healed in life, of this I am certain. But we can have a sense of wholeness.

Remember Persephone spends three months out of the year in the underworld with Hades. We can do what we can do to help ourselves, sometimes meaning we ask for help or we reach a point of acceptance. Sometimes the only resolution is to accept that there is no resolution. Acceptance is healing for me.

Much love to you my sweet friend <3