Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nine of Wands - Not Organized But Prepared

The Nine of Wands in spite of it's chaotic, turbulent and imminent danger, is a card that symbolizes having a strength in reserve, which helps us to be prepared, and not necessarily organized.

This card reminds us that we can call on the power of the imagination which can supply us with new hope, new ideas, and even a new life, providing strength when we most need it, during our lowest ebb and our energy appears to be used up.

Being willing to try once more is what we need in order to bring to fruition our final goal. This creative power is directly connected to resilience, persistence the need to overcome rough and rocky seas and is a what enables all human achievement.


Ellen said...

I was definitely in need for some perseverance last week and the visualization of me on the couch with a slice of pizza watching my fav TVserie after everything was over was such a encouraging thought :)

Unknown said...

Oh ya pizza visualization on the couch watching the tube! Perfect perseverance. That works for me! lol <3