Monday, June 20, 2016

Strength - Living In The Springtime of Life

Today, Summer Solstice is the day I got married to late husband Bill in 1980. It's always a kind of bitter sweet day that hurts, and comforts simultaneously. It's also a day of remembering to find strength in my weakness. It also reminds me that... " I will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it." Alcoholics Anonymous, p.83

Of course it's normal to think of those will love who have died. I also know it's unhealthy to dwell on the what ifs and whys of the events that lead to our painful losses and all the other disturbances that accompany life's struggles, tragic happenings, that can be compared to the powerful and savage beast within us.. Today I look at my past but I don't stare. I appreciate the instinctual  animal qualities of Nemean Lion which are creative and vital and give me a sense of inner permanence, which comes from a sense of who I am.

Strength reminds me to continue learning to 'live in the springtime of life'.

The Red Road - Catherine Meyers

Drawing the Strength card this morning is a welcome card fo me.


Ellen said...

"Today I look at my past but I don't stare" This way I am more inclined to remember the good times instead of ... well you know..
Your red road is an inviting one to follow. :)
Happy Solstice my friend

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen! Wishing all the Brightest Solstice Blessings!

I didn't jump over any fire outside, but jumped a few in my life as I know you have too!

I woke up this morning sometime during the wee hours and looked at that magnificent Solstice Moon and it was so beautiful.

Today I thought, WOW a perfect day, Aboriginal Day,(late husband was First Nations), this Glorious Full Moon, Solstice, and my Wedding Anniversary.