Sunday, April 10, 2016

Page of Swords - Choosing Our Response

I said yesterday during a reading that I didn't much like this card, the Page of Wands that I drew a few times, and did again today for my daily draw. The reason I had a negative response to this card was because, I imagined a person(s) engaging in hurtful and spiteful gossip, someone irritable, full of resentment and who is emotionally immature regardless of their age and it made me angry to think of others being so hurtful toward those, they know nothing about, nor their circumstance in life. We all have our own life story, and we are all carrying our own burdens.

Many of these hurtful folk are emotionally arrested in their development in one way or another, and are very uninformed. But looking closer, I saw that it was simply my opinion in relation to some of the readings I was doing for clients. I realized even more than before, that there are no bad cards, but I was judgmental in my response.

I am also one of those individuals who believes that there are also no bad people.There is however certainly bad and appalling behaviour that causes great suffering throughout the world.
I know this sounds naive and even foolish to some, but for me, it's not about taking another person's inventory in judgement, but about talking my own inventory, and about choosing my response to people hurting others or myself.

People are not born behaving badly, they become this way a result of what has happened to them in their own lives, and how they have chosen to respond to it all. There is always the hope they will choose to change their behaviour. In the mean time, I can always choose how to respond to others who are hurtful with forgiveness and without resentment. I know this is much easier said, but it can be and is done.

I spent yesterday with a group a beautiful strong women doing a Tarot reading for each one. I was deeply touched by them and was reminded how the bond between us was very much about our shared human search for meaning. We all are asking the question why things happen to us. I am of the opinion that the question of how we choose to respond to what happens to us in life, is the more important question to ask.

I was so glad to hear that there would be a program on CBC Radio this morning about Viktor Frankl
and his incredible life changing book, Man's Search For Meaning. This is a book I have never read, but I soon will, because fortunately I was able to find it available online, and I downloaded it in a PDF and I am very much looking forward to reading it. I am certain it will help me to answer that question of how to respond to what happens in my life.


Ellen said...

Funny you think this way about this card. For me he is just the opposite; always trying to clear away the cobwebs of my mind and to dissipate any depressive thoughts.

Unknown said...

Clearing away the cobwebs is a great way to look at this card. I think it's those who don't have the insight to do this are going to have expending cobwebs of depressive thoughts that leads to more problems.