Friday, April 22, 2016

A Day of Tarot Reading with a Gaggle of Great Gals

Last week I had the very great pleasure of gathering in a beautiful house, that had been very graciously offered for me to give a full day of Tarot readings to group of six wonderful women whom I so enjoyed spending the day with reading their cards. 

Reading Tarot cards is so much about connecting with people, whom most times you don't know, and I find it to be such a rewarding experience involving a deep exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings leaving me rejuvenated and happy. It's always my purpose to leave individuals I read for feeling the same.

Over the past eight plus years of learning, and studying about Tarot as a reader, I have found it to be a very positive and satisfying experience for my clients and I have received some wonderful generous feedback, with one or two exceptions to the rule. This always had to do with those requesting readings were in fact not open to having a reading done which made me wonder why they made the request in the first place as they were very closed off, and it was reflected in their readings.

The cards never let me down in providing insight that reflects our most profound conflict, needs and aspirations, both to me and to the individual I am reading for, be it face to face or online. Often during face to face readings there are always some laughs and/or sometimes tears shed, and as Joni Mitchell's song says, crying and laughing are the same important and normal release.

Whenever I have to opportunity to give a reading, it enables me to take the opportunity to educate others and clarify exactly what Tarot is, and what it is not. There are so many misconceptions, misunderstandings and falsehoods that are perpetuated about Tarot, that it has become a very significant part of my own personal mission to dispel these, so individuals can receive the optimal and greatest benefit from their individual Tarot reading, and that I am able to provide for them some tools of discernment that will help them to know the difference between a good reader and one that is lacking.

Nothing bothers me more, than when I hear people tell me the first and last reading they had was one in which their Tarot reader had given them news of an impending death or other bad news.

The ethical reader would never, ever do this, as the first and foremost ethic of the Tarot reader is to do no harm, and to make it clear to the client just how Tarot cards works.

Tarot will give insight into personal growth, increase confidence in decision making, or in other areas of our lives, and can enable personal transformation.

"The way Tarot ' works ' in a predictive sense is as a kind of mirror of the psyche. The archetypal nature of the images strikes hidden, unconscious chords in the card reader, and reflects unknown knowledge or insight in relation to the client's situation-thus apparently revealing things which could not possibly, in any rational way, be dis-cover-able. This is why ' clairvoyant ' or psychic ' powers are not a prerequisite for a sensitive reader, but rather, an awareness of the archetypal patterns or currents at work in life reflected by the images on the cards."

Tarot can reveal where you are presently, how you got there and where to best focus your energy, and we will explore opportunities for clearing obstacles and meeting challenges on your path by focusing on and activating your natural abilities and capacities.


Ellen said...

Glad to hear from you again; I was wondering just the other day if everything was all right. But this sounds like a very positive experience :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen.
I have been sick with a cold that knocked me out for a number of days right after I did these readings, and finally I'm recuperating. I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I am just getting back to my blogging after close to a week of blowing my nose etc! ;) It was a great experience as always! This is about my fifth time doing this kind of marathon day of readings. Though it is draining, I always feel energized with positive energy after and very happy afterward.

Glad to be feeling much better now!