Friday, September 29, 2017

The Devil-The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil - Made Me Do It!

Wearing the world as a loose garment comes to mind when I think about this card. I learned the hard way many years ago, that I'm responsible for my own happiness. It's an ongoing lesson in one way or another that is proportional to my conscious contact with the Creator every day.

This isn't an easy lesson, living in a world that seems to perpetuate the illusion of happiness, to be found outside of ourselves, as we can spend a life time trying to fill a spiritual void with this illusion. I call it a hole in the soul.

It's a perfect card for me to draw today as I contemplate how I'm addicted to the internet.

Addiction is often what's reflected in this Major Arcana card of The Devil or represents emotional, spiritual and physical  bondage of some sort. Pan is the embodied god and the goat figure symbolizes the scapegoat, symbolizing the person or thing that people project their inferior side of themselves on to, in order to make themselves feel better. Being human is about accepting ourselves, the positive and negative, is a necessary life lesson to learn and essential to our happiness.

It's easy to blame this or that, or someone else for our life troubles. But ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions and for our own happiness.

"Write your sorrows in sand and your blessings in stone."

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