Friday, June 30, 2017

Two of Wands - Out of the Sanctuary of the Cave

The Two of Wands signifies the formulation of a new vision and creative idea that is coalescing. This card indicates a pervasive sense of duality or polarity, and the opportunity and having the willingness to pick up with both hands, all the progress and discovery that is freely offered, enabling a harmonious and positive future.

Tomorrow Canadians, or many of of us, will celebrate Canada Day. I don't share this enthusiasm. Oh yes I will emphatically state, I'm so grateful to live in Canada, as there's so much to be thankful for living in this country, and I will always feel this way. But as far as the celebrations over the past 150 years, I can't feel much more than the sting of hypocrisy because this history is heavily overshadowed by the dark legacy and travesty against Indigenous people in countless ways, that was an attempt to commit nothing short of genocide through Colonialism, and this is nothing to celebrate.

I may not share the enthusiasm of Canada Day but I certainly do share the hope of a new creative vision for Canada's future, that depends upon individual courage and faith in that invisible creative power and capacity to generate positive change. This vision of the new path ahead, where human beings are united together as one people, will make a better country, and a better world.

 Does my attitude make me any less Canadian?  I don't think so, but I do hope it just might make me a better Canadian because I share a different vision in hopes that we can't make the same mistake twice.

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