Friday, November 10, 2017

The Empress - Motherhood - Earth - Practical Wisdom

I believe the reason I love the Empress so much is because when I think of who she is, I want to do everything I can to feel grounded to the earth, seeking the practical wisdom she is known for, and she prompts me to work at having a strong sense of discernment to make the right decisions. I'm reminded to trust my intuition and to apply the practical wisdom that the sacred feminine exemplifies.

Last night I had a visit from a neighbour who has made me an offer, hard to refuse. No, nothing untoward or unseemly, but a business offer that left me feeling a little excited, almost giddy, nervous and thinking about the old adage, 'be careful what you pray for', because your prayer might be answered, and then what will you do?

Oh, I could say yes, I could say no. The pros to saying yes, could really change my life for the better, and be a very practical solution, relieving me of two major problems I've struggled with for many years.

One the other hand, what were the cons? I couldn't see any, as these were unknown, other then what was vaguely in my worrying imaginings.  And I'd say this is what made me fearful, the unknown. The thought of either answer left me feeling anxious, like I was in a kind of state of paralysis, not knowing what to do. I did know I couldn't make any decision in haste.
So I thought, the best thing for me to do would be to take a deep breath, turn it over to the God of my understanding, pray and I drew the Empress card with a question in mind.

 I knew I needed to call a friend today, who's opinion I greatly respected and trusted, and who possessed the practical wisdom of the Empress, a very grounded a very motherly kind of woman, whom I love very much. Calling her to ask what she thought, wasn't the first thing I did this morning, I simply continued with my usual morning rituals and routine to help me get grounded.

Finally, when I felt it was time, I called my friend this afternoon, who thought this offer was something I should say yes to, as it could be a very positive event in my life, and make things so much easier for me.  And she had good things to say about my neighbour. I felt in my heart and in my mind that she was right and I might not ever get another opportunity like this in the future.

So tonight I called my neighbour and asked if we could meet this Sunday to discuss the matter further and hopefully work out some of the initial details and come to a mutual agreement that we were both happy with based on practical wisdom.


thesycamoretree said...

I'm very happy and excited for your new creative adventure! It is nice to have someone grounded and practical to help us mow down some of the weeds in our minds when we have to make a decision. :)

Ellen said...

Exciting and scary at the same time. I wish you all the courage and wisdom for your next meeting with your neighbor

Unknown said...

Hah! Definitely good to have someone to help you to mow down those weeds Bev! Thank you <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen! <3 I'm trying to live in the present moment and not project into the future outcome. Whatever it is, I'll accept, but I'm hopeful!