Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Page of Swords - Blowin' Up a S_ _ _ Storm

Over the past few weeks and days, I've come up against a few situations that are somewhat problematic. When presented with the Page of Swords today I'm reminded, this Page represents the part of ourselves that can blow up a  real good s_ _ _ storm if we're not careful.

When problems arise, I have to pay close attention to my thoughts, and actions. If I dwell on my difficulties, regardless of what they are and whether they are in the past, present or future it's easy to breathe life into my worry and resentments.

It's also easy to project into the future and worry about the past and very quickly find myself miserable, half crazy or both. Nursed resentments are collected and carried around in my gunny sack and my burden becomes very heavy like I'm carrying a stone load.

So, today I choose not to do that and I embrace what is presented to me with the knowledge that this too shall pass, and I ask myself how important is it?

The Page of Swords indicates the ability to be a quick thinker, with a caveat. The message of this Page is to avoid gossip, petty quarrels, and quick judgement of others, whether it's coming from you or someone else. This message reminds me not to breathe life into problems because it doesn't nothing more than blow up a real bad s_ _ _ storm. 



Ellen said...

I am happy to hear you were able to master your own thoughts again. For me, this Page often represents cloud (worries) dispersion; cutting through a gloom and doom mood
Take good care of yourself

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ellen. I like your interpretation. Exercising discernment amidst the doom and gloom can be quickly overlooked if we react instead of think before we act. It was, unfortunately, an afterthought for me the other day. Lesson learned!

I'm glad I drew this card to remind me. It's what I love about Swords that cut through muddled thought